Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bits & Pieces, Part Deux

Bits & Pieces – the “Ark” of Culture Edition

Arrival” film by Denis Villeneuve.  Intelligent female linguist meets ugly but advanced aliens, who transmit the secret of all bogus science fiction – ‘linear time does not exist.’  Back to the future, Marty!
Fences” film by Denzel Washington.  Force-of-nature black garbage man gives his wife and children pain. No wonder Denzel cringed at the Academy awards when he lost.
South Korea's Idea of a cultural "Arc"
Citizen” a play at the Frank Theater.  Micro-aggressions fail to link to macro-aggressions. Poetic methods in vain.
Anna in the Tropics,” a play at the Jungle Theater.  Cuban cigar rollers listen to ‘Anna Karenina’ and unfortunately reflect its melodrama. A thin tale, oddly praised.

Vikings,” series on History Channel.  A little bit of paganism goes a long way.  Get on the long-ships with Ragnar Lothbrok!
Black Sails” series on Starz.  Rebellion in the Bahamas against British rule prior to the American Revolution led by pirates and escaped slaves.  Real and literary pirates abound.

Purge,“ book by Sofi Oksanen.  An Estonian woman survives Stalinist rape and capitalist pimps over 50 years.  Slow going, especially for her.
Independent People,” book by Halldor Laxness.  A harrowing socialistic tale of rural Icelanders braving poverty, the elements and the ‘spirits.’  Shades of O.E. Rolvaag and Knut Hamsun and the Scandinavian immigrants of Minnesota.

MBongwana Star,” at the Cedar.  Kinshasa street musicians rock out, then high-life their Afro-pop.  Wheelchairs no problem.
Blue Oyster Cult and Mark Farner of Grand Funk” at the Medina. Retro ethereal metal and heavy Flint Michigan make a geezer return.   Fear the Reaper! 

Red Frog / March 16, 2017

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