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The Real Korean Comedy

The End of Free Speech for Sony Pictures, Seth Rogen and America!

Cold War I:  The American media just can’t get enough of the tempest in a teapot that is the ostensible North Korean hacking ‘scandal’ into Sony Pictures.  The female anchors of the smoothly sonorous and righteously indignant National Government Radio (“NPR”) are having a shit-fit over North Korea supposedly messing with Sony’s internal intranet.  Propaganda?  What propaganda?  They certainly didn’t spend this much time on the epic U.S./Israeli malware hack into the Iranian atomic program.  And, as some techies have pointed out, the evidence of North Korea's involvement evidence is thin.

I only have to laugh. 

Remember, the U.S. government has several hundred nuclear missiles pointed at North Korea.  We also invaded north Korea at one point, and keep thousands of troops across a thin border with them.  Sony Pictures, which I might remind you, is a JAPANESE company, approved a ‘comedic’ film featuring the assassination of the present leader of North Korea.  Ha Ha.  Japanese colonialists occupied Korea from 1876 until the end of the Second World War – an event that led to the formation of North Korea through a partisan struggle. Sony was formed right after World War II and today is headquartered in Tokyo.   

Now who directed this unseen film?  Seth Rogen.  Is he a famous comedic actor involved in hysterical and political films as his bread and butter?  Well actually, no.  Rogen has been involved in a slew of main-stream comedy fare on TV and films, (The Mindy Project, etc.) mostly very juvenile stuff.  Seth Rogen’s main film list: 

1. This Is The End – Drunken party in LA ends in massive earthquake.
2. Pineapple Express – Stoned Westerners ride Indian trains and transport.
3. Superbad – Navigating the last weeks of high school through a booze-soaked party.
4. Knocked Up – Immature guy decides to help raise child after one-night stand.
5. The 40 Year Virgin – Predictable dumb-ass comedy about some poor guy who hasn’t had sex.
6. Neighbors - Immature parents deal with drunken frat boys next door.
7. The Interview – comedy about assassination of leader of North Korea. 

Now, the Pineapple Express was funny.  Yeah, but that last jumps out, doesn’t it?   You can expect a funny film from Rogen, Franco and Sony on the assassination of Barack Obama – produced in Iran - at any time.  How about a film about the assassination of Vladimir Putin?  Hey, a film about the assassination of Raul Castro would have been funny too! (Oh wait, not timely…and more like a documentary.)  Or a film on racism or capitalist exploitation of workers?  Killing the head of Saudi Arabia? Don’t hold your breath. 

Kim Jong-Un is a soft target in the comedy world – the same weak target that corporate comedy shows like Saturday Night Live love.  If you can’t make fun of a homicidal spawn with a funny haircut, what can you do?
Can't you see the Hollywood pitch session?
   "Seth, you need to do something with gravitas, to up your cred."
   "Yeah, you know, take on the big issues.  Look, you heard of that goofy dictator kid in Korea?
   "Its a slam dunk.  We'll bring in all that old classic Commie poster stuff, and you'll be like Charlie
   "Yeah.  I've always wanted to be like Charlie Chaplin, except I want to talk.  Wait, wasn't he a

So why would Rogen decide to make a comedy about killing the leader of North Korea?  Did the U.S. State Department put him up to it?  The CIA?  We know they work with Hollywood.  Well not necessarily -  heavy Hollywood hitters like Rogen and Franco know that they won’t ruffle any feathers at all in the U.S. by taking this angle.   And a major film company will back them.  However, 'Democracy Now' has reported that this film was done with cooperation of the State Department.  Rogen?  The best description of this guy is a trivial, conformist comedian.  Sort of the stoned Seinfeld of post-modern comedy.  Rogen will have to find solicitude with a comfort woman.  Can’t you see the presentation from Sony?  “So sorry for what happen to movie.  Here ... Korean Lady for you!”

I have no love for the crude militarized dictatorship that is North Korea.  But the people of North Korea will one day deal with their rulers – not the U.S.  In fact it is the aggressive posture of the U.S. which has helped justify the north Korean police state (and the south Korean version.) Just take a step back and look at this pathetic spectacle for a minute.  Jesus.  It’s not like the hypocritical U.S. doesn’t constantly spy on and hack their enemies.  What they really hate is that someone else’s hack worked.

Coming soon - Cold War II: Cuba outlasts imperial colossus!  Cold War III: Oil prices & Russia;

P.S. - With Sony's announcement that they will now show the film in selected theaters, could this be the most 'viral' marketing campaign for a probably quite mediocre comedy?  Only the viewers will tell.  However, early reviews by film critics indicate its the same lame ass jokes.  It's no new "Ulysses." 

Red Frog
December 19, 2014

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