Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New York Strangler Goes Free

A New Movement

From today’s Eric Garner grand jury decision, it is clear police have been given a license to kill for any reason, any time, any way.  If this wasn’t clear with the Michael Brown decision, or many before it, it certainly is now.  Every person of color, especially boys and men, is at risk.  This murdering gang has official sanction.  And everyone now knows it. 

Obama’s issued words of fake concern, handing out dollars for video cameras while refusing to end the miltary arming of police or pledge to change laws. Notice - this killing was filmed and it did no good. The majority of the 'black caucus' in the House and Senate supported the military arming of the police.  This shows that the black mis-leadership class is bankrupt.   As Malcolm X would say, the White House Negro is an enemy of those in the field.  And so are his delegates like Al Sharpton.  This is somewhat ironic, happening in this supposed time of ‘post-racial’ harmony.  The line that ‘you too can be president’ rings hollow.  

It goes beyond the police, as these police methods have been endorsed by the legal system up to the Supreme Court.  Overwhelmingly grand juries indict civilians and let cops go.  Cops are trained to 'shoot to kill' and may use deadly force if they 'feel' they are 'in danger.' 

A new movement is growing among black youth and hard-working people who realize that in this area, nothing has changed for 100s of years in the U.S.  The “Obama goggles’ have fallen off.  The 'system' goggles have fallen off.  We see the reality behind the endless pacifying rhetoric.  Capitalism will not budge. 

The majority of people in New York will show what they think of this criminal decision by the mostly white upper-class members of the secret body they call a ‘grand’ jury.  It should be called the inferior jury.  May the best of New York come out now.  Shut down your city.  No justice, then no peace. Shut down every big city.  The police are backing off.

Black youth are clearly leading this struggle, especially from the epi-center of Ferguson – a new Selma.  This is their Occupy. Let us work for its continuance. 

Here in Minneapolis a youthful, multi-ethnic crowd of hundreds rallied on Tuesday outside the police station on Lake and Minnehaha over Michael Brown.  Some estimated the crowd at about a 1,000.  The crowd moved to block traffic.  One person was run down by an hysterical right-winger in their mini-van.   500 students left South High in Minneapolis as did more in St. Paul, as did students all over the country. On Thursday about a hundred or more blocked the main freeway through town to protest the Garner murder in Minneapolis, our echo to the protests in NY.

I have to say, when black people move, we all move.  Every other single grouping in society - except the rich and their upper-middle class supporters – Labor, Latinos, Native Americans, working people of all colors, students and youth – can overwhelm this system if we hang together.  Or else we will evidently hang separately. 

Red Frog
December 3, 2014

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