Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jameson's review of Zizek's "The Parallax View"

Fredric Jameson's review of Zizek's "The Parallax View" (of which Mayday has at least a couple of copies in stock) came out a little over three years ago. I was dithering a little as the review is not exactly fresh off the presses but since it gives such an excellent synopsis of Zizek's massive book I decided to post it. I generally don't have much time for Jameson as I consider him so much pretentious hot air but he has done a good job here.


Red Frog said...

My little knowledge of Zizek has expanded. Other than the somewhat odd and pretentious "Zizekians" I have run into, now I know who our intellectual fathers are: Freud-Lacan-Zizek.

And so, of course, we have to kill them.

AA said...

Don't know if Zizek qualifies as intellectual father but he is the master of the counterintuitive insight, of Gestalt shifts in perception. I don't thnk I would find Lacan palatable.