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What they Never Talk about on MLK Day:

“Orders to Kill – The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King, Jr.,” by William F. Pepper, foreword by Dexter Scott King, 1995 (a reprise)

This book cracks the case of the assassination of Martin Luther King, which mainstream reporters have never bothered to do.  It is the powerful result of a 20-year legal search for information and facts carried out by Pepper, James Earl Ray’s defense attorney.  It names the assassin – who is now dead and was a sergeant of the Memphis police department, a sharp-shooter named Earl Clark.

The Truth About the Assassination
Pepper describes how the secret services set up Ray as the assassin – luring Ray to Memphis for a gun deal, then renting a hotel room for him across from the Lorraine Motel, then dropping a bag with a decoy weapon on the street outside.  The CIA contact was called "Raul" and got Ray cars, money, a pass out of Canada, and the gun.  And like the Kennedy assassination, a gun that had no relation to the one that killed King.  How the real murder rifle was stashed at a coffee shop, Jim’s Grill, across from the Lorraine Motel and picked up by Clark, who went out the back door.  This restaurant was owned by Loyd Jowers, who was later a defendant in the civil case and testified to this on TV.  How King’s room was mysteriously changed to the second floor of the Lorraine for a better shot, from a protected internal room.   

How King was also triangulated by military sharpshooters and police on two high buildings around the motel as described by participants, in case the first shooter missed. Military photographers were present on a water tower, but their photos were never made public. This evidence further confirms the role of the deep-state in ordering King’s execution.  Witnesses describe someone in the row of bushes in the empty lot across from the Lorraine – a direct shot and the perfect place for the main shooter.  How this key hedge behind which Clark stood was cut down the day after the murder to make the official story work better.  Branches were also cleared that blocked the view from the ostensible shooter Ray's high window in the flophouse hotel at the end of the block.  How they tried to get Ray to escape from prison so he could be shot and stop proclaiming his innocence as a patsy.

A civil jury acquitted Ray of the crime, but the award was ignored by the U.S. propaganda apparatus.  The King family believes that Ray never shot King, and they have also been ignored.  Multiple witnesses in this book admit to being part of the conspiracy or knowing who shot King, or heard someone giving orders to do the shooting.  CIA/NSA people were caught in a photo coming down off the wall across from the motel – the location from which Earl Clark shot King.  At the Lorraine Hotel balcony, a military intelligence officer was kneeling over King a minute after the shooting checking his pulse.  Some shooters and conspirators were tied to the mob of Carlos Marcello – the same pattern that was used in the Kennedy assassinations.  One contract offered to the Mob to do the shooting was put out by the FBI.  Essentially this was the same MO and personnel (Raul was seen in Dallas) as the hits on the Kennedy brothers by the same security/military faction inside the government.  The hand of the deep state that still rules. 

Assassination is the chosen method of the death squads trained by the U.S. in Latin America, Africa, and as we can see here, even in the U.S. It is used against leftists primarily, but any opponent of the U.S. At present U.S. JSOC commandos carry out extra-judicial assassinations in many countries across the globe.  

King was killed because he had become a larger threat – adding opposition to the Vietnam War and capitalism and support for strikers to his anti-racist and anti-Jim Crow methods.  He was no cuddly ‘father’ who wanted everyone to shout kumbaya about ‘dreams,’ as the U.S. propaganda system declares to this day.  The FBI under Hoover considered him a Communist; most newspapers denounced him; Johnson himself played a double-game and after the Vietnam comments, opposed him.  He was marked for death, as he himself knew.  Ray himself had no grudge against King.  It wasn’t some racist cracker who killed him, it was the racist cracker capitalist system. 

This post is based on an earlier post from January 20, 2015.

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Rare copies of "Order To Kill" book are still at Mayday - I think.  Get them while you can.

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January 15, 2017

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