Friday, June 6, 2014

Every Week its Like This!

12 Short Takes on Our Sorry World

  1. Kettle and Pot.  Obama again criticizes Putin for ‘interfering in Ukraine.’ 
  2. War-monger / profit-monger. McCain wants to privatize the VA.  His party has been solidly behind every war and every government cut-back, creating an over-worked and swamped VA.  Perhaps this was the point all along?
  3. Sin of Omission.  Americans again told that “D-Day” was the beginning of end for the Nazis.  There does not seem to be a ceremony commemorating Stalingrad attended by Westerners.
  4. Don’t support this troop.  Soldier Bergdahl swapped for 5 Taliban illegally held at Guantanamo.  3 of the 5 had attempted to join the Afghan government before being arrested and imprisoned.  The other 2 surrendered.  Bergdahl made the mistake of believing the Afghan war was a mistake.  Only soldiers who fall in line with the rhetoric are supported.  Everyone else is a traitor!
  5. Just another rape and killing in India.  BJP governor of Madhya Pradesh says about rape -  ‘sometimes its right, sometimes its wrong.” I guess this is what you get in the ‘worlds’ largest democracy.’ 
  6. Really free money.  ECB imposes ‘negative interest rates.’ Which means the money is more than free. Tax-payers put profits directly in pockets of banks, as they lend that same money back to borrowers at higher interest rates.  Why doesn't the ECB lend directly to the people?
  7. Dope.  Maureen Dowd, upper-class NYT columnist, goes to Colorado and eats whole weed brownie for first time, gets unpleasant high for 8 hours, writes about it.  Rest of world laughs. 
  8. Blowback.  Official report states ranks of Al Quaeda-affiliated organizations have increased dramatically since our successful ‘war on terror’ began. 
  9. New cold war.  G-7 quickly kicks out “G-8.” Russia makes long-term deal with China for natural gas.  Which the Chinese should have done in 1971 under Mao instead of playing ping-pong with Nixon.  The conflict revives the careers of Yakov Smirnoff and other Russian émigrés.    
  10. Jail break.  A Mexican wolf escaped through a hole in the fence at the Minnesota Animal Jail – aka 'Zoo.'  The frightened wolf was shot and killed – not stunned – by zoo personnel who thought he might attack someone.  US records show that two humans have been killed by wolves in all of U.S. history. 
  11. Too big to jail.  Nearly 800 small skeletons were found in Ireland in a septic tank hole, the product of 40+ years of the Catholic Churches' tender care of 'illegitimate' children. Reports of the children's treatment include starvation, beatings, extreme cold and other forms of neglect. The Irish government was aware of the situation and also did nothing. 
  12. Deception.  Researcher who wrote a book about the subterfuges used during the Normandy invasion to dupe the Germans mentioned that in today's technology it would be far harder to fake a Calais landing.  When asked what the main form of deception that is used now, he said, 'The mass media."    
Red Frog
June 6, 2014 – D-Day.  

P.S. - regarding #11.  Now estimates are that around 4,000 children died in Irish Catholic 'homes' for unwed mothers, and were buried without Christian burials or 'baptism,' as they were the product of sinful unions.  Which is why the nuns could just throw them in holes.

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