Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Missing Links

The Invisible Man

Oddly, in Truthdig, Salon.com and Rolling Stone, defences of Marxism all appeared this week.  They were written, not by full-blown Marxists, but by people who see some truth in parts of Marxism.  In response, in Salon.com, a mainstream Democrat who used to be a conservative, Michael Lind, attacked the Marxist idea that ‘workers of the world’ would ever unite against the global elites. 

Hmmm.  The reports of Marxism’s death are greatly exaggerated.  The invisible old man is reappearing.   And that means the invisible men and women of the world are reappearing again too. 

Kamrades!  You WILL visit site!

All Kamrades please click below here now.  Required for cadre and lumpen-proletarians.  You won’t regret this most funny visit to Red Past.  Stakanovites of class humour appear!  But not funny, serious, maybe, maybe not. 


Teach for the Rich in America

Here is David Simon’s crushing take on “Teach For America,’ the thinly educated, arrogant and anti-union organization used to undermine public education in the U.S.  Simon is another who recently spoke out in favour of some Marx.  This clip on U-tube is from Treme, Simon’s HBO series on the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans, as spoken by the jazz-loving DJ and hipster, Davis McAlary.  (Treme is reviewed below.)  New Orleans has dismantled their public school system and gone to charter schools, all under the aegis of our beloved Democrats.  Take this praise shit sandwich, TFA!


Super Weed Bowl

Always nice to see corporate shills like Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos get a blasting comeuppance. Of course the underdog Seahawks are owned by Paul Allen, Microsoft billionaire. 

NFL sponsors like Pepsi, Bud Light & Doritos pitched their dubious products.  Official sponsors included a host of brokerages and banks.  Yeah, and Maserati, with that cool little black girl from that weird movie!  Street cred for Maserati? No.  The good part is most people forgot the ads immediately. (Source:  Bloomberg Businessweek)  The chauvinist Right was upset that people who drink Coke can sing the U.S. national anthem in various languages.  Do they know that Coke is sold in other countries too?  Cheerios really went ‘out there’ by not featuring a white or black family but a multi-ethnic one.  The racist Right didn’t like that either.  Do they know that multi-ethnic families eat cereal?   The ads went for $4M every 30 seconds.  $300M total. 

I understand the city of Rutherford, New Jersey got stiffed by the NFL anyway.  No surprise there.  What do you expect from a cabal of billionaires? 

Bruno Mars, the satiny pop R&B somebody, played for free so popsters everywhere could buy his albums.  Not gonna do it.  Use and be used they say.

At least people in the home states could smoke legal weed and not be worried about a knock on the door. 

Red Frog
February 4, 2014

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