Monday, January 20, 2014

James Earl Ray Didn't Do It

'Orders to Kill,' by William Pepper, 1998

Few books can convince as well as this one.  This book is based on Pepper’s 20 year meticulous investigation into the assassination of Martin Luther King.  The King family eventually did not believe that James Earl Ray killed King.  A civil jury found he did not do it.  Ray, like Sirhan Sirhan and Oswald, was only a patsy.   But no real criminal investigation was carried out.  That is because the Memphis cops and the FBI, as in the Kennedy assassinations, were part of the plot.

The assassin of MLK was a Memphis police marksman named Earl Clark, who fired from directly across the street from the Lorraine Motel, through a row of bushes in an empty lot.  This empty lot has now been replaced by an odd underground museum to King.  Clark stored his rifle in a café named “Jim’s Grill” owned by Lloyd Jowers, which was just up the street.  Jowers testified to all this before he died.  Clark was part of a triangulation of shooters – the others being military and secret police - stationed on nearby buildings.  James Jesus Angleton, head of the CIA, is the primary candidate for who organized the hit, much as he is the primary candidate regarding the Kennedy brothers.  The press, the Memphis police and the CIA proceeded to cover up the many loose ends.  At one point they even tried to set up Ray to be killed while escaping prison.

In spite of the cover-up of the true assassins by bourgeois news outlets like CNN, the real story is there if you want to find it.

Celebrate MLK Day by finding out who was really behind the assassination.

Red Frog

January 20, 2014

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