Friday, January 18, 2013

Dear Fellow Commodity,

Would a pistol in your hand change your behavior?

Although a gun is an inanimate object, it still has the strange ability to  influence human behavior. For example, a punk in the hood becomes a big man, a Rambo, with  a pistol in his hand. Indian Princess Sita said many centuries ago,“The bearing of a weapon changes the nature of the bearer”. Similarly, the driving of a vehicle changes the nature of the driver (sometimes to road rage.)

A doctor in Fridley, MN a suburb of Minneapolis, had a fancy sign in the yard of his office on which he placed short messages. One was:   A WEAPON CAN BE AN ENEMY EVEN TO ITS OWNER. Nancy Lanza mother of Adam Lanzer, the killer at the school in Newtown CT, was killed by him with one of her many guns. A young father in Minneapolis bought  a gun for protection and his 4 year old son killed his 2 year old brother with this gun. Hundreds of hunters are killed; father by son, brother by brother, friend by friend, all killed by accident by a weapon that is "an enemy even to its owner".                                  

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Red Frog said...

True. Suicide, accidents and violence within the home are far more prevalent than mass shootings when it comes to guns.