Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Preview of "33 Revolutions Per Minute"

The Music Sell-Outs

Snoop-Dogg – played at David Sacks’ “Let Him Eat Cake” Birthday party, which had an 18th Century pre-French Revolution Theme - powdered wigs, tights and all.  Sacks just sold his small software company, “Yammer” for $1.5 billon to Microsoft, and figured he’d order up some ‘edgy’ entertainment.  Fake thug Snoop-Dogg always valued the Do-Re-Mi over anything else.  At least he didn’t wear the powdered wig.  Evidently there were no guillotines about, but perhaps there should have been.

Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Elton John – for being knighted in the first place, and then for playing Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday Bash concert last weekend at Buckingham Palace.  Of course, pop music always had a weakness for the Queen - or was it being a queen, or was it for the pop group Queen?  No?  Are these two musicians democrats with a small d?  No.  Royalist pop tarts?  Yes! “God Save the Queen – the Fascist Regime,” sang another band that we know.  They did not get invited.

Bob Dylan – awarded the ‘Medal of Freedom’ by Barack Obama.  Showed up wearing dark sunglasses, with a smug look on his face.  He’s one of ‘those’ guys – the ones who wear dark glasses inside.  Another aging millionaire more concerned with himself than a fake award obviously given to capture a certain music demographic in an upcoming election.  Come on, the ‘medal of freedom?’  What did he do, jump out of a plane and seize some town in Afghanistan?  Dylan has not written a political song since 1975 when he released the great song, "Hurricane" about the false arrest and imprisonment of Hurricane Carter, a black New Jersey boxer.  Since then?  Nada.

Stay tuned for the review of "33 Revolutions Per Minute - A History of Protest Songs" from musicians that have a spine.

Red Frog
June 20, 2012

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