Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Duh! We Shuda Knowed!

Clintonites, Republicans, Friedmanites, Reaganites, one progressive and a couple of innocuous clucks. Take a look at the Initial Obama Cabinet and Staff:

  1. Rahm Emmanuel - Managed fight for NAFTA, Likudnik, Goldman Sachs, Clintonista. Gone, but not forgotten.
  2. Robert Gibbs - Press Secretary. Was unknown, but now identified as a neo-liberal. Attacked ‘professional leftists.’
  3. John Podesta - Head of Transition Team (was Clinton chief of staff).
  4. Sam Nunn & Warren Christopher - State/Defense Transition, Clintonistas.
  5. Madeleine Albright, Economic Envoy to G20, a Clintonista.
  6. Eric Holder - Attorney General - Deputy Atty General, Clinton administration. Has now endorsed all Bush legal policies on Guantanamo, spying, detentions, etc.
  7. Tom Daschle - Health & Human Services - long term senator. Lobbyist of health care companies at his law firm.
  8. Hillary Clinton - Sec of State - Clinton's wife. ‘Nuff said.
  9. Dana Pelligrino - Dept of Homeland Security, recommended sending national guard troops to border – and did! AZ governor.
  10. Bill Richardson - Commerce Secretary, Clinton UN Ambassador, Energy Secretary, withdrew due to ‘conflicts of interest.’
  11. Judd Gregg, Republican #1, became Commerce Secretary
  12. Joe Liberman - Kept as head of key Senate Committee. VP on Gore Liberman ticket. Gore was Clinton's VP.
  13. Tim Geithner - Treasury Department, former Summers protege/Clinton period. Federal Reserve / Goldman insider.
  14. Larry Summers - Head of Financial Policy Board in cabinet, Clintonista and pro-deregulation.
  15. Christina Romer - Head of Counsel of Economic Advisors. A Friedmanite.
  16. Robert Gates - Secretary of Defense, was Bush Secretary of Defense. Republican, #2. Pro-surge in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  17. Susan Rice - UN Ambassador, Supported Invasion of Iraq. Former Clinton Sec of State officer.
  18. Arne Duncan - Sec of Education. Obama friend. Supports "No child left behind" , supported by the professional Republican centrist David Broder of NYT. Endorses charter schools and privatization.
  19. Lisa Jackson - EPA, career EPA official. And we know how the EPA has been doing.
  20. Carol Browner - Environmental coordinator, Clintonista.
  21. Ken Salazar - Dept of Interior - (Clintonista) Supported Republican Alberto Gonzalez. Did not close the Bureau of Mines Management as he promised, then changed it a bit after the BP oil spill. Timber/Mining/Ranchers like him. Clinton-like politics on environmentalism. Which means nice talk, pro-corporate acts.
  22. Tom Vilsack - Agriculture - Supporter of industrial agriculture, bio-tech, agribusiness, pro-ethanol, friend of Monsanto.
  23. Steven Chu - Energy Secretary. Scientist. However, got $500M from British Petroleum for bio-fuels research. Supports nuclear power.
  24. Hilda Solis - Dept of Labor, very pro-labor. Best pick of bunch. Totally quiet. Did not push “Free Choice Act.” Heard she is quietly strengthening OSHA.
  25. Mary Shapiro - SEC, former head of NASD/FINRA. A proponent of industry self-regulation. SEC appointee, by Reagan initially.
  26. James Jones - National Security Advisor - Hardline, Pro Vietnam War. Clintonite/McCainite. NATO and Afghan war-monger.
  27. Dennis Blair - Director of National Intelligence - 4 star admiral. Hmmmm.
  28. Roy Lahood, Transportation Secretary. Republican #3. 'Nuff said.
  29. Shaun Donovon- HUD, Clintonista.
  30. Ron Kirk - US Trade Representative - Attorney at Vinson & Elkins, African American. Dallas Mayor. Chamber of Commerce likes him. Supports 'free trade' and NAFTA.
  31. Dawn Johnsen - Office of Legal Counsel (former Clintonista) but hard critic of presidential overreaching. Was denied nomination, of course.
  32. Virginia Seitz – Office of Legal Counsel. Appreciated by Republicans. Hmmmm.
  33. Leon Panetta - CIA, Clintonista Chief of Staff, but not a prior spy.
  34. Jennifer Granholm - Called Free Choice Act - "Divisive." Obama Economic adviser.
  35. Steven Rattner - Car "Czar" - former Investment banker, knew nothing about the auto industry. Got bailout for GM/Chrysler, which resulted in plant closings and more off-shoring. Recently fined $$$ by SEC.
  36. Ben Bernanke - Chair of the Federal Reserve. Former head of the Fed under Bush too. Head of Bush's Council of Economic Advisers. Republican #4.
  37. Barack Obama – President. Initially was thought to be to the left of Hillary Clinton, but revealed to be solidly in the Clinton/neo-liberal camp. Obama won the election but Clinton and the Republicans won the war.
Red Frog


AA said...

Who was stupid enough not to have known? It was crystal clear from the get-go. Voting is a waste of time and merely offers legitimacy to a corrupt system.

RitesofPassage said...

Well,that's one way of looking at it.