Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mayday Discussion Forum

Thanks to all who came to our discussion of Marta Harnecker's article Latin America & Twenty-First Century Socialism: Inventing to Avoid Mistakes! Twenty people attended.

We are planning to have more discussions in the future and would love your input in the comments. Some ideas already floated:

• Articles in Monthly Review (a month after they publish)
• State and Revolution by Lenin
• The ABCs of the Economic Crisis by Fred Magdoff and Michael D. Yates
• The Great Ecnomic Crisis by John Bellamy Foster and Fred Magdoff

Next event will probably be after the new year. Please add comments below.


AA said...

Choices 3 and 4 are good ones: the books are not so theoretical, so abstruse, that they scare away readers, that people not understand them. I personally would plump for the Magdoff and Yates book.

Red Frog said...

Either MR book is fine.

SamandZeus said...

choices 3 or 4, would like to discuss economics