Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rick Wolff explaining the dynamics of the global class war, where the rich have "recovered" during the last couple of years -- while everyone else is getting shafted hard and brutally.

The European people are at least resisting:

Across Europe, coalitions of trade unions, socialist, communist, and some green
parties, and many social, religious, and community organizations are organizing
growing mass demonstrations and general strikes. These oppose austerity and
demand alternative ways to deal with economic crisis. In France, mobilization
focuses on a nationwide general strike September 7. Plans are underway for an
all-European day of public actions on September 29. National actions like this
have already happened in Greece, Portugal, and other countries.

The business and political leaders generated by the last 30 years of neoliberal
capitalism simply assumed that they could impose the costs of their crisis on
their countries' people. That assumption is now being contested. The European
people are beginning to fight back. And here, in the US?

Well, here in the US the sheeple are placidly grazing away. The masses have to be constituted as a public before public action becomes possible. In Europe there is a public; in the USA there's just an amorphous mass of mutually alienated strangers. And the pox on liberals, "progressives," and Obummer.

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