Sunday, June 6, 2010

Zizek Also Predicts End of World

I'm going on a 'summer hiatus' for several weeks - that is if I don't get fired first. In keeping with the creeping 'apocalypse now' theme of this blog, I'm reading Zizek's new book, "Living in the End Times," new at Mayday. Essentially, he too predicts that capital is reaching a dead end.

His intro talks about the 'four riders of the apocalypse' (sound familiar - see my 2007 review on American Theocracy, below) -- 'comprised by the ecological crisis, the consequences of the biogenic revolution, imbalances within the system itself (struggles over intellectual property, raw materials, food and water) and the explosive growth of social divisions and exclusions."

What the 'biogenic' revolution is is anyone's guess, but it could be some weird Freudian episode of a famous TV show, maybe. Stay tuned.

Red Frog
6/6/10 (D Day)

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AA said...

"Biogenic revolution" probably means genetic modification, going into and tinkering around with DNA.

In these times I find Gurdjieff more useful reading, though he has been dead over 60 years. Earth is simply a bad place to be on, he says. And humans live in a state of hypnotised sleep, not recognising their predicament. To use a modern metaphor, like drugged factory farm animals.

There is no socialist utopia around the corner. Believing in any such thing is just as bad as the belief of the animals in "Animal Farm," who believe either in the "Sugarcandy Mountain" of the raven (where they supposedly go after they die) or the new animal utopia predicted by the pig, Major.