Sunday, January 3, 2010

Book Club at Mayday Books?

We've had requests for a book club at Mayday in the past, with intermittent success. Let me know by commenting if this idea appeals to you and what you might like to read and discuss with a group at Mayday?


AA said...

It's a good idea in principle. Some good new books have recently been published -- by Jodi Dean, Slavoz Zizek, and Alex Callinicos, for example (all available at Mayday) -- which are worthy of being discussed.

A moderator would be needed for each discussion to keep it focused (in the past I've endured interminable dreary monologues by some old bore or ignoramuses -- who usually haven't even read the assigned book -- starting some irrelevant harangue).

Red Frog said...

Fine with me. Modern books, not too long, perhaps controversial.

Ravenmn said...

How about asking local activists to choose a book that made a significant difference in their political education? That would give us moderators who are motivated and might help avoid the droning AA mentions.