Monday, May 28, 2007

On capitulating to Bush's oil war...

I was sent via email this Keith Oberman video commentary on the disgraceful Democratic Party decision to fund the war. Not that it is any surprise that the corporate-based Democratic Party would ignore their November 2006 mandate and give Bush a clean bill to fund an unpopular war. I was just happy to see that at least one pundit is saying something in the mainstream press.

Click here for the video feed.


slybackstabber said...

A cogent analysis of this issue can be found at:

Red Frog said...

I actually didn't think the Demos would go this far to oppose the war as they did. True to form, they folded their tents at the moment of truth. Greenwald on pointed out that many Democrats have been agreeing with the Republicans that not paying for the war is 'not supporting the troops', as if the bullets will just disappear overnight.

Fighting them and agreeing with them at the same time doesn't seem to 'work.'